Straight Request Next Level Strengthen Conditioner 32 fl.oz

Straight Request  Next Level Strengthen Conditioner 32 fl.oz
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Product Description

Stabilizing Amino Acid Strengthen Conditioner

Troubleshoot Problems Before Occurring

Instant Softening Power

Stop Breakage

Superior Detangling Power Instantly

Helps Bring Hair to A Healthy ph Balance Instantly

Provides Superior Wet and Dry Combability

Strengthen Natural Hair,Braids and Locks

Add Lustre and a Fantastic Feeling Instantly

Helps Control Split Ends and Flyaway Hair

All This Without a Buildup

Amino acids are required for your hair to grow long and strong. It is made of a special kind of protein call “keratin.” Amino acids are used in Next Level strengthening conditioner to help your hair grow and stay healthy and strong immediately following a color treatment, sodium and calcium relaxer, and/or braids and weaving processes which all can cause lots of special force and stress to the hair. Next Level will give your hair all the benefits of the normal conditioner in addition to stopping and troubleshooting problems before occurring by going in and repairing missing and broken bonds I the hair inner and outer shaft. Next level will leave your hair feeling silky, healthy, and strong…. Taking Hair to Another Level!

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