KeraCare DeMineralizing Treatment (60 Towelettes 8" x 7.5" )

KeraCare DeMineralizing Treatment  (60 Towelettes 8" x 7.5" )
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Product Description

Removes Calcium Deposits

Mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium make hair lackluster, brittle and unruly, while inhibiting proper processing of chemical treatments like permanent color and relaxers. These mineral deposits are commonly found in tap water, chemical treatments, anti-dandruff shampoos as well as in the body via medication and food.

Until removed, these deposits stand in the way of hair at its best; hair simply cannot live up to its full potential. KeraCare DeMineralizing Treatment gently liberates hair in just a minute or two from the troublesome mineral deposits that took years to accumulate.

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