Nu Expressions Super G.R.O. & Carrot Oil Deal

Nu Expressions Super G.R.O. & Carrot Oil Deal

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1- Carrot Oil Hair Strengthener 6 fl.oz

NuExpressions Carrot Oil contains pure butter, carrot oil, beta carotene and vitamins for lustrous hair, skin and scalp. Butter, carrot oil and beta carotene (natural Vitamin A) conditions by providing natural emolliency to hair, scalp and skin.

2- Super G.R.O. Hair & Scalp Conditioner 6 fl.oz

Nu Expressions Super G.R.O. with gelatin, natural oils, silk protein and vitamins is great for all types of hair and scalps that need oil conditioning. Great for relaxed, pressed, natural or color treated hair. Super G.R.O. is feather light to allow hair to bounce with any style.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a light coat daily to hair and scalp to keep your hair healthy and well conditioned.
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