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Affirm 5 IN 1 Reconstructor ( Step 3) 16 fl.oz & 32 fl.oz

Affirm 5 IN 1 Reconstructor ( Step 3) 16 fl.oz & 32 fl.oz

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Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor (STEP 3) is a unique blend of micro and macrofibrous conditioners that is applied immediately after rinsing the relaxer from the hair and before the Normalizing Shampoo. • While substantive conditioners are deposited well within the hair fiber, the hair is restored to its normal pH of the hair. (NOTE: Deep conditioning is still possible at this time because the upper mantle of the hair is still alkaline--approximate pH of 10.0--and the cuticles remain partially open). • For use on damaged, fine or limp hair. Also recommended as a deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner for regular salon reconstructive treatment services. • Available in Gallon, 32 fl. oz. (pictured) and 16 fl. oz. sizes.


• Re-aligns, seals and smooths cuticles. • Minimizes porosity and restores hair to normal pH. • Electronically repairs damaged areas within and along hairshaft by attaching to negatively charged (damaged) areas. • Minimizes breakage and shedding. • Minimizes porosity and smooths cuticles. • Detangles hair. • Imparts body and volume to fine, limp hair while adding shine.
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