Avlon Texture Release Kit

Avlon Texture Release Kit

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Texture Release is a heat activated Smoothing System that features Amino Acids and Conditioning Agents that crosslink deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility.

Enable your hair to have optional textural change with increased combing manageability.

Texture Release is formulated specifically for naturally curly hair.

This system is designed to provide additional moisture & conditioning for your hair and scalp. The Texture Release kit includes a Scalp Rejuvenating Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Hair Dilator, Releasing Lotion, Thermal Protector, and Curl Shape & Shine Cream. These products are designed to work in synergy for the best results. In addition, the following products can be used from the KeraCare line — For straight styles: KeraCare Products
For natural styles: KeraCare Natural Textures

What hair types are recommended for Texture Release?
Excessively curly to tightly coiled hair types

What is the recommended flat iron?
For the most effective results a titanium iron is recommended

What is preferred a hooded dryer or steamer?
Both hooded dryer and steamer give sufficient heat activation; however research show the steamer has more heat activation.

Can you color on the same day of a Texture Release?
Wait 3-5 days after the Texture Release service before using Permanent or Semi-Permanent color.

Ideal hair for this product?
No chemical commitment
Elongate natural curl pattern
Styling versatility
Maintain natural texture in between blow drying
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