Collins: Personal Pedicure Chair

Collins: Personal Pedicure Chair

The Patent Pending Personal Pedicure Chair is the FIRST, and only, pedicure chair available that was designed to meet the variety of physical positions/demands required of the person providing pedicure services. The seat raises and lowers (from 14" to 19") to accommodate different comfort ranges and different pedicure systems. The lumbar back-cushion is adjustable 5" in the up/down direction and 10" in the in/out direction according to personal preference and need. Moreover, the back cushion can also be moved to the front of the chair to provide abdominal support as needed or preferred.

Additionally, there is an optional client's padded footrest that adjusts 8" up/down and 10" in/out. This would facilitate the performace of pedicures without the traditional "throne" type of pedicure system. Or, in lieu of the footrest, the Personal Pedicure Chair can be equipped with a handy STAINLESS steel 11" x 14" tool tray that is adjustable "up and down" as well as "in and out" ... in the position that you prefer.

The Patent-Pending Personal Pedicure Chair was designed specifically to meet the physical position needs of the service provider. Trying to eliminate or reduce the major causes of your back pain, and make your job easier ... that's the goal at Collins!!

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