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Affirm Creme Relaxer (Step 2)  4-LBS

Affirm Creme Relaxer (Step 2) 4-LBS

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Affirm Conditioning Creme Relaxer with Protecto (STEP 2) conditions the hair before, during and after chemical processing as part of an innovative four-step relaxer system. Available formulas: Original in mild, normal and resistant strengths (Sodium Hydroxide); Control in in mild, normal and resistant strengths (Time Release Sodium Hydroxide). Fluffy, no-base formulations. Effectively straightens by chemically changing a third of the cystine crosslinks of the hair to lanthionine crosslinks. Rinses easily from the hair without leaving an oily residue. Available in 4 lbs. (pictured) and 8 lbs. sizes.


Leaves hair silky-straight and well-conditioned for free flowing, soft silky hairstyles with body. Hair has a healthy-looking appearance. Hair is easy to comb and prepared for any type of styling. Hair looks radiant with lots of shine or sheen. Original formula is for stylists with a fast relaxer application technique. Control formula is for stylists who prefer a slower application time.
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