Collins Futura Electric Shampoo Chair 50-60

Collins Futura  Electric Shampoo Chair  50-60

FUTURA Electric Shampoo Chair with safe low-voltage electric drive motor, 110 volt 9.7 amp power supply, hand-held control wand, kick-out legrest, rear apron to shed water. Smart urethane arms that move with the chair. Comfortable for customers ranging from 5'0 to 6'0 in height. The most advanced shampoo chair available ... and it's affordable. The Futura chair can be ordered in any color of commerically available vinyl, PLUS it is available for prompt shipment in QSE Wallaby Black.

The Futura chair measures 25"W x 29"D x 27"H. In the fully extended position, the chair measures 25"W x 50"D x 31"H. At least seven feet is required in front of the bowl to provide space for the fully extended chair and adequate clearance in front of the chair.

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