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Affirm Gentle Assurance Sensitive Scalp Protecto 11 fl.oz

Affirm Gentle Assurance Sensitive Scalp Protecto 11 fl.oz

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Affirm Gentle Assurance is a unique base creme designed to protect the skin adjacent to the hairline areas and to enhance the comfort of scalp-sensitive clients. • Suitable for use with relaxer and permanent wave treatments. • Superior spreadability for maximum ease of use and control. • Compatible with all sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide (no-lye, no-mix) and guanidine hydroxide relaxers. • Contains no irritants. • The 11 fl. oz. size features a special spout applicator which allows for ease of use and product control. • Available in 11 fl. oz. (pictured), 32 fl. oz. and 4 lbs. sizes.


• Provides the client with maximum scalp comfort, allowing time for optimal straightening.

• Washes easily off of skin.


Shake well to liquify. Apply to entire hairline before relaxing hair. If client is prone to scalp sensitivity, also apply Gentle Assurance to scalp before relaxer application
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