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Affirm Protecto (Step 1)  8 fl. oz

Affirm Protecto (Step 1) 8 fl. oz

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Affirm Protecto is a patented organic Biocomplex that is applied along the entire hairshaft and new growth area prior to relaxing.• Rich, positively charged compounds attach electronically to negative sites along the hairshaft. • These compounds penetrate deep within the hair fiber during relaxing. • Protecto accomplishes significant conditioning at this stage, because during the straightening process, the hair’s pH is relatively high (13.0-13.5) and the cuticles are wide open.


• Effectively repairs trichorrexis nodosa (damaged areas along the hairshaft).

• Achieves smooth realignment of damaged hair fibers.

• Minimizes shedding.

• Fly-away split ends are repaired.

• Eases wet combing.
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