Collins QSE Futura Backwash 925-32 w/ Concept Bowl

Collins  QSE Futura Backwash 925-32 w/ Concept Bowl
- Plumbing access and some storage on back side, unit measures 32"W x 15"D. Multiple units can be installed end-to-end with accenting reveals, included.

Matte Black w/ satin stainless accents, Cafelle w/ satin stainless accents, Shaker Cherry w/ black accents, or Limber Maple w/ black accents; 10% upcharge for special order laminates.

Order separately the 50-60 Futura "Electric" Shampoo Chair with 5" vertical lift ... it will comfortably accommodate customers from 5'0 to 6'0 in height.The Futura chair measures 25"W x 29"D x 27"H. In the fully extended position, the chair measures 25"W x 50"D x 31"H.

Seven feet is recommended in front of the bowl to provide adequate space for the fully extended chair and clearance in front of the chair.

Call: 434-295-2660 For Price and Shipping Information

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