Straight Request Healthy Hair & Scalp Bundle

Straight Request Healthy Hair & Scalp Bundle

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This Straight Request bundle for healthy hair and scalp includes:
  • One Straight Request Black Carbon 500 Sulfate Free Shampoo 8 fl. oz
    Deep Scalp Cleaning and Cleaning
    Black Carbon 500 contains activated charcoal which is very effective when it comes to removing trapped impurities from your scalp, hair, and skin. Black Carbon 500 helps to stop and control itchy scalp, heal minor skin breaks, help treat eczema, help control dandruff and flakes, and removes residues and toxins. Black Carbon 500 will leave your skin and scalp feeling extra clean, refreshed and healthy without dryness.
  • One Straight Request Hydration Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo 8 fl. oz
    Hydrating Hair and Scalp
    Hydration Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo helps prevent dryness, breakage and flyaways, while gently cleansing without stripping color. Helps maximize moisture balance to keep hair and scalp healthy, hydrated, soft and shiny with coconut water. Very good de-tangling power.
  • One Straight Request Strength 1000 Reconstructor Treatment 16 fl. oz
    Straightening Your Hair
    Strength 1000 is a powerful and effective reconstructing treatment that offers a new concept in treating very damaged hair. Strength 1000 has a unique combination of three different proteins and light moisture gives hair strength, acid balance, protein, iron, and moisture.
  • One Straight Request Power K60 Instant Conditioner 8 fl. oz
    Conditioning Your Hair and Scalp
    Instant Conditioner Soft and Healthier Hair in 60 Seconds. This unbelievable product is designed to instantly condition your hair quickly with the results of softer and healthier hair. Power K60 Instant Conditioner leaves your hair looking fabulous, stronger, more manageable and very soft!
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